"But there is another stranger, one who is to awaken and unleash a force that will affect the lives of everyone."

This is my Dark Shadows site mainly based around the character of Willie Loomis.
Here you will find thousands of screen captures, along with quotes, icons, animations & some other little surprises hiding around the corners.


"Nothing suppose to be touched in this room, everything's just-Now, these have been touched!"

12/8/13 Wait, it's 2013? It's been over a year since I've updated? Damn! Sorry about that, been busy with other fandoms. But please know that as I long as I keep paying my hosting/domain bills every year, the site will continue to stay up! And maybe I'll get back to regular updating someday. Anyhoo, I do have a new fan fiction link to add, Mad-Margaret @ fanfiction.net, aka That Bathory Woman on tumblr & dramalady on our poor neglected forum, has written 7 stories so far, 6 focused around Willie!
10/18/12 Long time no update, but finally got something: Added scans of Willie from his appearances in the issues of the Dynamite Dark Shadows comics.
8/9/12 Recently received two wonderful donations from Arik & Elizabeth & their Church of Dark Shadows! First was my very own Willie Loomis candle! (See the forum thread for more pictures) And then they kindly shared scans from their copy ofthe December 1969 issue of FaVE magazine on Dark Shadows. Thanks so much, you guys!!
7/23/12 Added screen captures of John Karlen from the tv movies: The Cloning of Clifford Swimmer & Daddy.
7/10/12 Even more scans added to the articles section.
7/6/12 More scans added to the articles section.
7/1/12 See the left side of the site? The menu-link section has been changed! With the addition of a John Karlen section! Also there are a lot of new scans added to the article page; newer (and better) screen captures for Daughters of Darkness and Killer's Delight; and the video page has been updated. Dark Shadows Randomness 4 is available for streaming online once again & ..Randomness 5 is also on Veoh, as it was sadly removed from Youtube.
6/27/12 Updated the Articles page, adding the links to the 2012 Movie articles, including the EW Cover & article, that I had previously only linked to in the old forum, as well as a new page of misc DS related clippings from various 60s/70s teen magazines.
6/22/12 FINALLY updated the Blingee Shadows page, I have well over 20 new images that were uploaded which had previously only been shared on the old forum & tumblr.
6/21/12 Uploaded more fan art from Autumn. Big thanks for sharing your work with the site, Autumn!
6/20/12 And just disregard that last statement. I received a security warning while visit the forum a week back, so I decided to drop proboards & start the message on my own webspace (so there's no risk of bugs hiding in the ads). So THIS is the new forum! I think it'd be much better too, but I am sorry that we have to start all over!
In hopes that you'll forgive me, I've uploaded a scanned transcript of John Karlen's Q & A from the 1977 Shadowcon, that appeared in the #14 issue of World of Dark Shadows, hope you'll enjoy!
5/27/12 Please check forum for updates until I post them here.
4/19/12 Scanned article of EW Summer Preview and 1 new Blingee Shadow.
4/9/12 Added a scanned TV Guide article on John Karlen & a Cult Radio A-Go-Go! interview with him that I transcribed. Plus I have uploaded LOTS (didn't count, but it's over 80) new images in the the Cast, House of Dark Shadows, & Night of Dark Shadows, 1966, 1967, 1795, 1968, 1897, 1969/1970, 1840 & 1841 Parallel Time photo pages. And last but not least, the Pervert Barnabas page.
3/24/12 Abunch of new photoes added to throughout the Cast, House of Dark Shadows, & Night of Dark Shadows, 1966, 1967, 1795, 1968, 1897, 1840 & 1841 Parallel Time photo pages. Plus a few new Blingee Shadows.
3/17/12 Today, celebrates 3 years of being online! If you haven't stopped by the site's forum lately, I'll let you in on the latest updates:
Firstly, there are 75 screen captures from the new Dark Shadows movie, a spoof video of the trailer, Dark Shadows: The Vampire Who Shagged Me & many new Blingee Shadows for the upcoming film.
Please visit the the forum for this year's message/reflections & I hope we'll have another strong year!
3/4/12 Added one new Blingee Shadows & new fan art from Autumn (thanks Autumn!) & I've also reorganized the show photos pages, as well as added new images to them & the House of Dark Shadows & Night of Dark Shadows photo pages. The show photos are now separated by time period: 1966, 1967, 1795, 1968, 1897, 1970 Parallel Time, 1840 & 1841 Parallel Time.
2/25/12 Added more images to show photos, cast pictures House of Dark Shadows, & the Night of Dark Shadows photo pages. Along with more covers to the Inside the Old House & World of Dark Shadows fanzine pages.
Reorganized the Blingee Shadows page so that you can choose a page or an image to open instead of having to go through each page & also added some more Blingees.
2/11/12 Added a few more show photos, fan art from Autumn (Thanks, Autumn!) & I made a new music video.
2/4/12 A few more additions added to the show, House of Dark Shadows, & Night of Dark Shadows photo pages; & 3 new Blingee Shadows.
1/29/12 New Blingee Shadows!
1/25/12 Various new pictures added to Dark Shadows show, House of Dark Shadows, Night of Dark Shadows, Cast photo sections & Daughters or Darkness Goodies. Also check out the forum for additional photos!
1/21/12 The madding return of Blingee Shadows! Now spoofing the new 2012 version!
1/11/12 No big changes, but I did manage to update the links & video pages. Also I added a few pictures to Present Day screencaps. And, guess what? This site now has a message board! Not many messages there yet, nor do I know if anyone is actually interested in joining or chatting, but we shall see!
11/19/11 New John Karlen screencaptures from episodes of Fame & Lou Grant, as well as the tv movie Babycakes. Still hoping to have new reviews done, but been quite busy with things lately.
10/8/11 LOTS of new John Karlen screencaptures from episodes of Stoney Burke, The Sixth Sense, Shazam!, Streets of San Francisco, Trapper John, MD & Hill Street Blues; as well as from the tv movies: Supertrain & Beauty & Denise. Many thanks goes to my fellow Karlen-fan who supplied me with these titles, but wishes to remain uncredited. This site wouldn't have all its screen captures without her great help!
9/29/11 Updated the Willie page with new info, including a list of all the actors that have played Willie Loomis, including the latest in the upcoming 2012 movie, who I'm not particular thrilled about.
On a personal note, after a long period of unemployment, I finally have a job again! Meaning I have had less time to work on site stuff, but still hope to have more updates in the future. For starters, I should be receiving the new Dark Shadows comic next month, along with Kathryn Leigh Scott's Dark Passages book. Hopefully they'll provide good reviewing material!
8/28/11 Added screen captures of John Karlen from the tv movies: Calendar Girl, Cop, Killer? The Bambi Bembenek Story & Without Warning: Terror in the Towers.
7/13/11 Added screen captures of John Karlen from two episodes of Vega$: The Day the Gambling Stopped & Out of Sight. Also, if you haven't already, please check out my latest Youtube channel to watch full length tv episodes featuring John Karlen.
6/6/11 Finally finished my first 2 book reviews, which are of Hawkes Harbor & The Salem Branch.
5/28/11 John Karlen turns 78 & I've uploaded an episode of The Detectives, that he appeared in, up on youtube for your viewing.
4/23/11 Added screen captures of John Karlen from episodes of The Detectives, Hunter, The Feather and Father Gang & Barnaby Jones.
4/17/11 Added more screen captures from John Karlen's tv & movie appearances. Over a dozen in fact! Which is too many for me to mention here, but if you look in the picture section, you'll see all the new additions!
3/27/11 MANY new screen captures! First off, the 'Random' Dark Shadows ones have been reorganized by time periods: 1795, 1840, 1897 & Present Day(1966-1971); as well as sections for Flashbacks/Dreams with new screencaptures added! There are also 1 or 2 new captures added to: Out of Context, Jason McGuire's screencaptures & Countess Natalie clown dress added to Fashion Disasters.
I've also added new screencaptures of John Karlen from the episodes of Mod Squad, All in the Family & Sword of Justice. As well as from the tv movies: Delancey Street: The Crisis Within & Police Story: Burnout. And I've done some a few drawings which I made a fan art section for.
3/17/11 I'm amazed, 2 years this site has been online & it's still growing strong! Maybe that's bad to say, but as someone who's made many sites over there years, there are many times when your interest on a project fades or gets taken over by other matters. But so far I'm quite thankful this has not been the case for this site, Dark Shadows or for Poor Willie Loomis. On the contrary, now more then ever, there's a lot to be excited about.
Well, for starters, there's the Dark Shadows movie. Said to start filming in April or May (as apposed to the end of 2010, like it was believed in my update entry for last year). As of this writing, there is a rumored casting for Willie Loomis, one I'm not the most THRILLED about, but atleast the character is included. Afterall, we can't have Barnabas without Willie, can we?
I'm still waiting for the release of the 2nd series of the Dark Shadows figures, which will include a Willie doll. There was also word of a series of comics being put out this year that centered around the original Dark Shadows series, so we may have that to look foward to as well. And once hype on the Tim Burton movie takes off, there's no telling what new merchandise could be turned out in the future.
As for the future of this site, I'm still working (with the help of an online partner in crime) on tracking down John Karlen's movie & tv appearances. In a way, I guess this site has really grown into a Dark Shadows/Willie Loomis/John Karlen one, but I like showing appreciation for the man responsible for bringing my favorite character to life, as well as his great contributions towards the original series & his continuing participation in Dark Shadows projects.
But of course, I'd also like to add more Dark Shadows content. Screen captures, perhaps some reviews or essays if I ever improve my writing skills (or lack of such). I'm also frequently adding new 'Dark Shadows Annotations' videos on one of my YouTube channels, so if you haven't already, please check them out! I've been told by most that they're rather humorous, but often times videos on YouTube have a way of getting mysteriously removed, so see 'em while they're there!
And now, in closing before I get to my latest updates, I'd like to give a big word of THANKS towards you, the visitor to this site. I'm endlessly grateful to meet & hear of other folks that share my interests & (oddly enough) my sense of humor. I put a lot of work into my sites & enjoy doing it, but it doesn't really mean anything if doesn't get viewed or shared, so I'm really thankful that people have discovered my site. And I'm also thankful for the Willie Loomis Tribute Page leading the way & inspiring my creation for this site. WILLIE-FANS-UNITED!! :D
Okay, now that my too-long-year-wrapup is out of the way, here's what I've cooked up lately:
Screen captures of John Karlen from American Dream & Cagney & Lacey; Dark Shadows screen captures of Pansy Faye & Jason McGuire, as well as the ones of Kendrick Young, which are now all completed. 21 new animations, & some which were replaced, as I was pleased with the speed of the last ones I uploaded. 2 new icons added,links & video page updated. Plus new sections: Carl's Fun Page & The Collins Family Tree.
2/2/11 LOTS of new screen captures added! 70 of Kendrick Young plus ones of John Karlen from Gimme an 'F', Welcome Home Bobby, Downpayment on Murder, Nightmare on the 13th Floor & MacShayne: Winner Takes All as well as episodes of Medical Center, Hawaii Five-O & The Rockford Files. There are also additional 'picture captions' for the first 9 Willie Loomis pictures sections.
1/7/11: New animations added.
11/30/10: Added screen captures of John Karlen from an episode of The Magician & the TV movie Rosie: The Rosemary Clooney Story.
11/16/10 Pictures of my very own: John Karlen DVD Boxset!
11/8/10 A few small updates, ONE new Blingee Shadow added, that I had laying around. An little essay I wrote called I Hate Revival Willie, & a Book Review section with no reviews but with some stupid little graphics!
10/25/10 Halloween goodies in the form of new photos of the cast & from the show, House of Dark Shadows & Night of Dark Shadows. Plus, a link to my latest fan video.
9/27/10 Added more World of Dark Shadows fanzine covers, plus screen captures of John Karlen from Melvin Purvis G-Man & Shirts/Skins.
9/9/10 LOTS of new screen captures from rare TV show episodes that John Karlen has appeared in. There's ones from The Naked City, The Gallant Men, East Side/West Side, Hawk, N.Y.P.D., Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, Medical Center & Police Story.
I also have clips from most of these uploaded onto my one YouTube channel for viewing!
8/26/10 Lots of updates, let's see..
Screen captures of John Karlen from a 1964 episode of Brenner, which I only found out existed, after a kind soul found my email address & informed me about it! :)
Fanzine page updated with more Inside The Old House & World of Dark Shadows covers. Scans of THE Willie Loomis collectable card added to the Willie page. A few sound bites from the recent audio dramas added to sounds. Video page updated, actually I just added a link to one I made awhile back but forgot to mention.. Also there is a Daughters of Darkness Goodies page, which is mainly just some extra pictures from the movie, but there are some rare ones there & 4 wallpaper sized pictures from my scans!
6/22/10 Updated Willie Page with info about the new/upcoming audio dramas & action figures.
Sadly, the youtube channel where I stored my video files was suspended, so I had to remove abunch of links from my video page. Some I may reupload, but for the time being, you can check out new ones featured at my new channel.
5/17/10 More Dark Shadows Meets South Park!
5/12/10 Dark Shadows Meets South Park.
5/10/10 More animations, some more screen captures in the random pictures section & 4 new animated icons.
5/3/10 More animations! Plus, I'd just like to give a shout-out to a new DS social network site: Dark Shadows @ spruz.com. It's just starting out, but I've been working on it with the owner, & have added some content & pictures that I haven't included here, so you may want to check it out!
3/17/10 Hard for ME to believe, but one year has passed since this site has opened!
Frankly I can't believe how large it's grown! Creating websites have always been a hobby to me, but for one that began has an excuse to take a bunch of screen captures of Willie, this one has really gone beyond my expectations. And I'm thankful for the recognition it has received. Just seeing my site showing up among google searches & spying my screencaps other places gives me an odd sense of joy.
And, to my delight, there seems to be much to look forward to in the next year: 4 new Big Finish audio dramas coming out, a new Barnabas action figure & according to the most recent reports, the new Tim Burton directed Dark Shadows movie will finally start filming later this year. Yep, lots to be excited about!
Now, in light of this site's first anniversary, here are some updates:
LOTS more Blingee Shadows, more Random screen captures. Screen captures of John Karlen from Night of Terror, an episode of Kojak & The Waltons. The links & video page are updated (removing or correcting links that didn't work), plus I have 2 videos uploaded onto youtube that feature clips from most of these John Karlen movies & tv episodes I've taken caps from.
2/15/10: Added screen captures of John Karlen from A Small Town in Texas, plus a new (and quite large) fanzine info section.
1/24/10: More Blingee Shadows!
1/16/10: More Blingee Shadows, also added comic covers/storylines & an articles section.
1/12/10: More Blingee Shadows! & link to new DS music video based on Willie.
1/8/10: More Blingee Shadows and screen captures of John Karlen from Native Son.
11/17/09: Lots of updates: completed screen captures of Desmond Collins, added small picture sections: 'Out of Context' & Fashion Disasters. Updated video section with new link: Sleepover at the Old House, added more greeting cards & added links to my (not so) Easter Eggs pages in the misc section.
11/7/09: Added screen captures of John Karlen from My Dear Uncle Sherlock, 1 new Blingee Shadow & a link for Dark Shadows Randomness 5.
10/15/09 Again, more Blingee Shadows.
9/26/09 Because no one asked for it: more Blingee Shadows!
9/24/09 Added Blingee Shadows & updated links.
9/15/09 Added screen captures of John Karlen from an episode of Kojak & Nancy Drew.
9/01/09 Updated pictures, videos & animation pages.
7/09/09 Updated video & link pages. Added screen captures of John Karlen from The Invasion of Carol Enders & Kansas City Massacre plus a few new scanned pictures.
6/22/09 Added screen captures of John Karlen from Nightmare at 43 Hillcrest.
6/1/09: Added 2 pages of Desmond Collins screen captures, a sounds page & small updates for greeting cards, quotes videos & the Willie page.
5/1/09: Added screen captures of John Karlen from an episode of Charlie's Angels & updated videos, quotes & Willie pages.
4/20/09: Added screen captures of Night of Dark Shadows, John Karlen from Last Ride of the Dalton Gang & 3 new Easter Eggs.
4/10/09: Added a few Kolchak Tales Annual issue #1 scans & 2 Easter Eggs.
4/7/09: Updated quotes, added Willie Loomis scans & greeting cards, along with 2 Easter Eggs.
4/1/09: Updated video, icon & Willie page; added a Random picture section.
3/21/09: Quotes & links updated & an Easter Egg added somewhere in the Willie Loomis picture section.
3/17/09: Site's officially online.

"My favorite role was Willie Loomis because of his loneliness, his desperateness,
his need for attention, needing to be wanted and then getting confused with a vampire."

- John Karlen, Web Chat 5/7/02

Dark Shadows and its characters are the creation & property of Dan Curtis Productions.
No copyright infringement intended.